Who Am I ??

I am an avid builder throughout the year and have become focused on flying giant scale planes in the 35% - 60% size, both IMAC and 3D. I am now based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. I have flown planes for 12 years now and in the past 4 years have really gotten hooked on building kits. I have built AeroTech and Dalton kits in the past but have the most experience building Carden kits due to their quality and ability to customize. I pride myself on build quality and have tried most all alternative build techniques. This winter, I am building (2) 43% Carden Edges and an AMR AirTractor - a busy winter!!!

What Do I Offer?

Put it simply -- You provide the materials and I build you your perfect plane!

* Specializing in Carden builds, but have built other kits aswell!
* Fully customizable (I'll do absolutely anything you want)!
* I charge for my labour only and provide a weekly summary of progress and time spent -> no hidden charges and no $ commitment (you can stop the build at whatever stage you want!)

So How Does it Work??

Base Plan
* Let's discuss the details and come up with a Base Plan including any modifications you want from stock as well as what you consider as a finished build ("ready to cover" vs "covered" vs "ready to fly")
* I will provide a budget price to do the build (based on a cost of $10.00/hour) + a list of materials I would need to complete.
* If you agree, we agree via written approval

Start of the Build
* I will confirm receipt of the kit + all materials / equipment
* Each week, I will send a summary of the my hours spent on the project, progress of the build with details pictures + an invoice for payment due by end of the following week.
* If you want to change the build from the Base Plan, we simply agree in writing and I will proceed, using my weekly summary as proof of progress

The Financials
* I guarantee that my labour costs will be within +/- 10% of my budget price based on our Base Plan
* If you get into any financial problems or priorities change, we can stop the job at any point with no risk to you
* Labour rate of $10.00/hour includes all taxes.
* I am not set up for credit card yet, so EMT, certified cheque, paypal or cash accepted

How to Contact Me!!

Home phone: 905-332-9058 (between 5pm & 10pm)
Email: trevorbrum@bell.net
RcCanada: Private message me to my username = tbrum

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